DL Mangile's Rhythm and Blues - Sold Pending

DOB: 21 March, 2022
Current Ht: Immature
Color: Dark Brown (born gray roan still has that coloring)
Sire: Circle C Obsession - (National and World Champion Winner)
Dam: 4C Farm's Silver Bella

Beautiful foal. Lot's of class. Nice confirmation with a beautiful head. Personable and so sweet. Sired by Circle C Obsesion!

Millers Meadow Frontier Josie

DOB: March 15, 2020
Current Ht: N/A
Color: Brown
Sire: Li'l Angels Crimson Tide
Dam: Frontier Legends Sallie Fox

This is a full bodied Jennet with good bloodlines. Full Sister to Millers Meadow Frontier Ranger - National Champion Winning Jack.

DL Mangile's Legendary Lilly

DOB: Septemer 2, 2019
Current Ht: 29"
Color: White Brown Spotted
Sire: Legendary's Sting Like A Bee
Dam: The Red Gates Silver Rose

Cute as a bug. I love her sire and dam. Will be exposed to Cyderbay's Mr Blackberry for a 2023 foal.

DL Mangile's Cat Ballou

DOB: April 21, 2019
Current Ht: 32"
Color: Brown/Gray & White Spotted
Sire: My World Cheyenne B97 (National Get of Sire Winner & National Champion Producer)
Dam: DL Mangile's Polka Dot

A spotted My World Cheyenne Daughter! I was so excited when she was born. Can't wait to see her foals. First breeding season Spring 2022. UPDATE: Exposed 2023 Foal to C BAR Chass Ruffy Jr - Multiple National Champion Winner

DL Mangile's Copper Penny

DOB: March 20,2019
Current Ht: 32"
Color: Dark Red
Sire: My World Cheyenne B97 (National Get of Sire Winner & National Champion Producer)
Dam: Leiper's Creek Dusty Days

Beautiful dark red jennet sired by My World Cheyenne and out of one of my favorite Jennets Leipers Creek Dusty Days.

DL Mangile's Snowy River

DOB: August 12, 2018
Current Ht: 33'
Color: Dun
Sire: Big River Red Racer
Dam: Furball Acres Snow Angel

Sired by Red River Red Racer. See him on my Jack page - Selling open to. breed to a Jack of your choice.

DL Mangile's Cheyenne Clay Basket

DOB: July 29, 2017
Current Ht: 32 1/2"
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: My World Cheyenne B97 (National Get of Sire Winner and Champion Producer)
Dam: The Elms Hedy Lamarr

I am very fond of this Jennet and loved her Dam Hedy! Will be bred Fall 2022 for 2023.

4C Farm's Silver Bella

DOB: July 21, 2016
Current Ht: 32.5
Color: Gray-Dun *Roan
Sire: 4 C's Farm's Caddell's Roan
Dam: 4 C's Farms Darlynn

Beautiful Jennet, good mother and producer. Love her 2022 jennet foal Rhythm and Blues.

DL Mangile's Polka Dot

DOB: December 1, 2012
Current Ht: 33"
Color: Brown & White Spotted
Sire: Untraced
Dam: Untraced

2019 UPDATE: Oh am I so glad I have this Mama. Dot and My World Cheyenne B97 produced a lovely spotted Jennet together with excellent confirmation. Could not be happier. DL Mangile's Cat Ballou is on our foal page! 2020 update Dot does it again with Circle C Obsession a handsome spot jack foal with great confirmation, DL Mangile's JFK Chicky Baby. Update: Exposed to Circle C Obsession for a 2022 foal - can't wait. 2022 a brown Circle C Obsession foal with the best legs ever and pretty little head. We call him Thunder Bug.

S&L's Abby

DOB: January 10, 2011
Current Ht: 31 1/2"
Color: Very Dark Brown
Sire: Quarter Moon Fistful Of Dollars
Dam: T&M's Chloe

Beautiful Jennet with the Quarter Moon Looks. Sire National Champion Quarter Moon Fistfull of Dollars 2019 UPDATE: A Dark Brown Jack foal with great confirmation and is a Herdsire prospect! His sire is Cbar Chass Ruffy, Jr, Multiple National Champion Winner, Champion Producer and winner of National Get of Sire. DL Mangile's Cowboy Roy Rogers is on our foal Page. 2020 foal very dark brown jack foal by Circle C Obsession. 2021 left open. Exposed 2022 to Cyder Bays Mr. Blackberry for a 2023 foal.

DL Mangile's Brown Lady

DOB: Jan 2010
Current Ht: 35"
Color: Brown
Sire: Untraced
Dam: Untraced

This Jennet has very nice confirmation. She is a favorite. When i purchased her she was in a bad founder but is maintained. She has had very nice foals for me. She has been exposed to the Elms Tip Top a nice spotted Wooly for a 2023 foal. Lady has produced colored foals in the past.

The Red Gates Bit O' Precious

DOB: October 12th 2009
Current Ht: 32"
Color: Gray Dun
Sire: The Red Gates Branson
Dam: The Red Gates Silver Rose


This is a well made small Jennet with great genetics. 2019 UPDATE: Pasture exposed to Cason Quarters Petty Cash for a 2020 foal-see him on our Jack page! 2021 Exposed to Heiken's Arc Dallas T for 2022 foal.

The. Red Gate's Silver Rose

DOB: April 16, 2006
Current Ht: 31"
Color: Dun Brown
Sire: Happytime Acres Firecracker Red
Dam: Happytime Acres Pizzaz

This is a nice individual. Color producer too! Exposed 2022 To CyderBay's Mr. Blackberry for a 2023 foal.

LN Reddalina

DOB: April 16, 2005
Current Ht: 31.25
Color: Red
Sire: LN LDF Redhawk
Dam: LN Rosalina

This little red gal is a producer. She came to me foundered and maintains well. Her foals have all been red for me and nice. This year and last she had beautiful red jack foals Huck and Pop A Top. Both going to Breeder homes.

Frontier Legends Sallie Fox. - Producer National Champion

DOB: July 29, 2003
Current Ht: 34.5
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: Country Music's Garth Brooks (National Champion Winner & Producer)
Dam: Golden Papillons Precious

Sallie Fox is well made Jennet. (Sallie is a National Champion PRODUCER. She is the dam of Miller Meadows Frontier Ranger 2017 NMDA National Champion and multiple class winner). Sallie is bred to C Bar Chass Ruffy Jr for a 2023 foal.

Ott's Pretty in Pink

DOB: July 25th 1999
Current Ht: 34"
Color: Light Red *Roan
Sire: Merry-Go-ROund's Jiminy Cricket
Dam: Feather Ridge's Isis

Pretty as her Name. A solid Breeder Everytime. 2019 UPDATE: Never lets me down. Foaled a well built gorgeous Jack Foal by Lil' Angels Jigsaw. DL Mangile's Royal Rodeo --see him on the foal page! His full sister DL Mangile's Washita DOB 2018 is at home is Wisconsin. 2020 left open. 2021 Exposed to Circle C Obsession for a 2022 foal.