TLA Dark Socks Special

Current Ht:

Brayers R Us Magic Mike, RTT- Immature

DOB: 08/18/21
Current Ht: Immature
Color: FSW Frosted Spotted White with Red Roaning
Sire: Bar 3S Red Tator Tot
Dam: Double N Lil Miss Tiny Puff

This is the real deal. This little yearling is a power-house. Can't wait for him first foal in 2024

Cyder's Mr. Blackberry - AKA: BEAR. - Reference Jack

2022 3&4 yo Jack Class National Winner, Grand Champion Jack and BEST OF BREED Winner.
2022 National NMDA Champion Jack

2021 Texas State Fair - 3yo Jack Halter Class Winner and Reserve Champion
2021 National Champion Halter Class Winner.

2022 Texas State Fair - 3&4 you Jack Halter Class Winner and Grand Champion Jack

DOB: July 21,2018
Current Ht: 30.5
Color: Black
Sire: Cyder's Black Hawk
Dam: Venus Candy Kiss

Mr. Blackberry AKA "BEAR" is new as of 08/21 to our farm. We took him to the State Fair of Texas 2021 and he won the Jack halter class for his age and was also reserve champion. We then took him to the Oklahoma State Fair National Mini Donkey show 2021 were he again won his class and was named reserve champion. (We had a foo-pah at this show as Bear was disqualified for his Reserve Championship of the Nationals due to the handler not having gloves on.) This was a confirmation class and he is very nice. Bear pedigree is outstanding and Cyders Black Hawk his sire has produced many outstanding foals we are looking forward to that gene being passed on to Bear. Bear has one foal due early summer 2022.

S&L's PACO - Immature Jack.- Sold

2022 Texas State Fair - 1&2 yo Halter Class Winner and Junior Reserve Halter Champion. 2022 Texas State Fair - High Point Pre-Green Winner

DOB: April 30, 2021
Current Ht: 29"
Color: Gray-Dun NLP
Sire: BL's Blizzard
Dam: GP Tiny Chelcy

This young Jack will remain small. He has Confirmation to share. Extremely nice legs and well put together. Nice end to end bite and a excellent pedigree going back to some of the LN Glo Donkey's and others's. Will make you a nice herd sire. His Sire also was spotted and you find 10 spots in his extended pedigree, 3 blacks (my personal favorite) and 1 red donkey.

AssN9 Red Skelton. AKA: Scully - Reference Jack

2022 Reserve Champion NMDA Nationals
2018 Reserve High Point Champion PreGreen
2018 Donkey Days NATIONAL SHOW winner.

Champion Jack -2018 Texas State Fair and Reserve High Point Champion Green-2018 Texas State Fair

2018 NMDA Jack of the Year!

DOB: July 10,2015
Current Ht: 33 1/4 Inches
Color: RED
Sire: LN Nicodemus - (Most influential Performance Jack of his time.)
Dam: J&E Fenna

Red Skelton or Scully's pedigree is outstanding and it has original imports to the US in the first 5 generations listed. Sully is an own Son of LN Nicodemus one of the most influential performance donkey in the breed. Nicodemus his sire is a member of the (Who's Who) of the Miniature Donkeys in the US and Sully is thought to be the last Son born by LN Nicodemus. Beside's Sully's Original pedigree he himself-Sully is a beautiful red jack and has outstanding confirmation. He stand's 33 1/4 inches tall and is big boned and ready to perform or produce your next champion in the show ring. Sully was shown one year by the previous owner and was the 2018 NMDA Jack of the Year. Sully also has a sweet personality and is inquisitive and ready to learn. We feel very fortunate to have this Jack and we are looking forward to beautiful loving foals by him.

The Elms Tip Top - Leased Reference

DOB: August 18, 2012
Current Ht: 31"
Color: Brown and White Spotted
Sire: GJR Little Red Hairy
Dam: MGF Sunrise Tequila 535

Nice Spot Wooly Jack. Will be using him for breeding Fall 2022. This nice wooly jack was leased to me and has now been returned.

Circle C Obsession - AKA: Obi Wan Kenobi - Reference Sire

Reference Sire

World, National and Multiple Champion

DOB: May 14 2002
Current Ht: 32.5
Color: Black with Cross
Sire: SS Red Lightening
Dam: Circle C Coca Channel

Circle C Obsession is a well known Jack in the mini donkey industry. He is a multi champion, National Champion and World Champion winning Jack. We are very proud to have this quality Jack as our Senior Herd-Sire.

Frontier Legends Kid Curry - Reference Sire

Reference Sire

National Champion

DOB: April 25th 2017
Current Ht: 29"
Color: Red
Sire: Hickory Hills Dow Jones
Dam: Frontier Legends Ruby Stone

Frontier Legends Kid Curry - Wow! We are so happy to have Kid and look forward to using him in our breeding program late 2019. Kid Curry is a Winner in Person, on Paper and in the Show Ring! Take a look closely at his outstanding pedigree it is full of known champions and producers both top and bottom. His sire is Hickory Hill Down Jones a multiple champion and producer. His Dam FL Ruby Stone is a champion. Kids Sire goes back on top with the LN farm line of well known producers and the bottom his Dam is from the well know 758 farm stock. Kids Dam has these well known champions and multi champion producers. Short Assets Starfire, My World Cheyenne B97, Country Music Garth Brooks and Country Music George Jones! Must I say more ? This little boy has big shoes to fill Kid has been shown as a yearling to date in 2018 at three shows winning 1st and reserve champion at all including the 2018 National Min Donkey Show in Ks.

Cason's Quarters Petty Cash - Reference Sire

DOB: June 26th 2012
Current Ht: 29 1/2"
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: Short & Sweet Strike It Rich
Dam: Stock Markets Cash Victory

Introducing our Micro Mini Jack "Cason's Quarters Petty Cash" - "Petty Cash" is ADORABLE what can I say. He is well balanced and refined for his size with a beautiful head and a confident but personable disposition. He is square and moves very well for a small donkey. Proportions for his size are perfect and he has an air of royalty about him and is an eye catcher and refine. "Petty Cash" has an outstanding pedigree which many micros don't share. "Petty Cash's" pedigree includes both World and National Winning donkeys and Producers of Multiple Champions as follows. Petty Cash's half brother a National Champion is at a well known farm in Australia "Stock Markets Pocket Change". "Petty Cash" Sire - "Short and Sweet Strike it Rich" stands at the Stock Market Ranch in Texas and was a winning Jack when shown and won Best of Breed and multiple championships. "Petty Cash" Dam - "Stock Market's Cash Victory" is a proven producer of multiple champions and National Champion winners in halter and performance. "Petty Cash" Dam's Sire is the well known "Stock Market's Cash Dividend" World "Halter Donkey, NMDA & ADMS National Champion, Best of Breed Jack and top winning performance donkey. "Petty Cash" Dams Dam - "Stock Markets Ticker Tape" also a NMDA National Champion Halter Jennet and wonderful performance donkey. This small donkey has the genes of Champions!

Legendary's Sting Like A Bee - Reference Sire

DOB: Saturday, June 04, 2016
Current Ht: 30"
Color: White & Brown
Sire: Li'l Angels Indiana Jones
Dam: Cobra's Rose Petal

Legendary's Sting Like A Bee is our up and coming junior spot hersire. Sting is going to mature at around 30 inches. Sting has a gorgeous head. Sting is small and compact. Nice straight legs and a perfect bite. His pedigree is outstanding . Litl Angels Indiana Jones on the top side. Bottom side is Cobra all the way...His Dam's sire's sire was the well known Cobra's Red Man.....You don't find him in many pedigrees! Sting is immature and is not available for outside breedings.

My World Cheyenne B97 - Reference Sire

DOB: June 26th 2002
Current Ht: 31 1/2"
Color: Dark Red
Sire: My World Buster
Dam: My World Mindy

Cheyenne was bred at the well known My World Farm. Throughout his tenure he has produced many champions and continues to do so. In 2004 Cheyenne won the Get of Sire Award at the National Show. Cheyenne is also the sire of Short Asset's Starfire (National Champion Jack) standing at the well know Frontier Legends Farm. Starfire has produced multiple champion's for Frontier Legendss. Two of Cheyenne's recent.. Get Litl Rasscals Litl Red Corvette and Litl rasscals Arabella...are both multiple champions and currently being shown. Many breeders have told me how well they have liked having Cheyenne's Sons and Daughters in their breeding program. Reference Sire

Big River Red Racer - Reference Sire

DOB: Monday, April 23, 2007
Current Ht: 31 1/2"
Color: Dark Red
Sire: Happy Jack Acres Lights Out
Dam: LN Sassa Fire

Racer is the new junior jack for our breeding farm. Racer previously was the senior herd sire for Mini Moons Ago Ranch. Racer's red color is outstanding. He is balanced and compact...with nice straight legs and a perfect bite. 2018 will be our first breeding season. Racer is available for outside breedings to approved jennets.

DL Mangile's Poncho Villa - Reference Sire

DOB: 2012
Current Ht: 32'
Color: Brown and White Spotted
Sire: Untraced
Dam: Untraced

Legendary's Black Magic

DOB: 1 May 2017
Current Ht: 30"
Color: Black w/cross NLP
Sire: Sunset Acres Smart Derby
Dam: Lil Angels Bethany

Nice Jack. Immature. Sold to Cyder Farms, in Wisconsin.

DL Mangile's Apache Warrior - Reference Sire

DOB: July 2012
Current Ht: 31'
Color: Brown & White Spotted
Sire: Untraced
Dam: Untraced

This is awesome little Spot Jack and a color producer too. I don't want to sell him but not enough Jack pens. This little guy came out of of a very nice herd of Donkeys in Oklahoma.

Stoney Acres Salem - Reference Sire

DOB: Saturday, June 10, 2000
Current Ht: 33"
Color: Black NLP
Sire: MGF Future Link
Dam: Circle C Audi

Salem is double registered and was bred in Canada and sports an impressive pedigree. Salem was purchased by Horseshoe Ranch as a foal and was their senior herd sire until we brought him home last year. Salem is a true black NLP not black brown. We hope he will pass his beautiful blue black color on to his foals here. Salem is available for outside breedings. Salem new home is in Stetson Wisconsin.